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Flexibility is one of the three tenets at the heart of everything we do for our partners and end-users. With our feature-rich PBX’s that are set as standard, partners and end-users can easily communicate more efficiently. Designed to be scalable and flexible, IPCortex allows partners to create custom solutions and deliver end-users with the communication solution that meet their needs. 

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Why IPCortex?


Making communication an easier process


Providing you the flexibility to deliver quality solutions.


Working with you to deliver the best solutions.


Our systems are built to last and future proof the organisations changes.


Our products are designed, built and supported in the UK.

Key Drivers

Our partners are crucial to our driving force because they are the ones who help us win over customers. We want our partners to win as many opportunities as they can, and this happens through effective collaboration. IPCortex provides active support in a number of ways that will boost better outcomes.
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Proactive Account Management

Row4 Column2 Roadmap

Influencing Product Roadmap & Innovation

Row4 Column3 Responsive Support Team

Responsive Support Team

Row5 Column3 Collaborative

Collaborative Relationships

Why Choose Us?

Both the “personality” of our products and the way in which we interact with our customers are a reflection of our team culture, fully empowered to make a difference within their spheres of expertise.

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Intellectual Honesty

Thinking through and believing in the things we do.

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Being energised by our vision and committed to delivering on it.

Row6 Column3 Creativity


Keeping our minds open to new ideas and surrounding ourselves with what inspires us.

Meeting Around Table


Promoting diversity of thought and being to create a productive environment - we all contribute strongly and uniquely when we have the space to be ourselves.

Row6 Column5 Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Being open and frank with each other about everything that is material.

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Clear Purpose

Focusing on what really matters and avoiding distractions.

What did VCG say about IPCortex?

Working with IPCortex, our Sales team have really benefited from their flexibility, being on hand to attend customer meetings to ensure clients are kept reassured at every stage.

Jeff Wheeldon
Head of Sales

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