The IPCortex Virtual Edition is an open, standards-compliant VoIP PBX platform designed to operate in a virtual environment

The fully-featured 64-bit version comes with significantly improved disk performance, allowing deployment on virtual platforms.

IPCortex Virtual Edition can be deployed through the following platforms:

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Why use Virtual Edition?

Fully featured PBX

Work remotely anytime and anywhere with multiple features including IPCortex’s web-based communication platform - keevio.

Quick and easy to deploy

Being cloud-based, the Virtual Edition can get up and running faster than a system that requires hardware installation, without the need for a site visit to install a physical device.

Cost effective PBX

IPCortex’s Virtual Edition makes it cost-effective for businesses, benefitting from lower maintenance fees, all without the additional hardware cost.

Ideal for Businesses and Organisations who

Do not require their telephony to be provided through a physical, on-premises PBX.
Work and operate in a remote environment where maintenance can be provided without attending site.
Anticipates growth, requiring flexibility in scaling their telephony solutions to accommodate the new changes.
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Key Features

Virtual Edition has more than 20 call features available for businesses. Get in touch with us to see the full list.

  • Keevio - web based
  • Call recording
  • Customisable Auto Attendant
  • Unlimited inbound DDI numbers
  • Visual queue management with statistics (Wallboard)
  • Remote working via SIP and/or mobile twinning
  • Call management
  • Call queues
  • Call barge
  • 4000 hours of audio storage
  • Video calling

Quality Applications from IPCortex

With every application comes hours of research, testing and development to ensure that we meet the end-users’ requirements.

IPCortex understands the way the world communicates, and we design and deploy applications to enhance the end-user’s productivity and operational efficiency.

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Asked Questions

A virtual PBX is an open, standards compliant VoIP PBX platform designed to operate in a virtual environment. The fully featured 64-bit version comes with significantly improved disk performance, allowing deployment on virtual platforms. IPCortex‘s Virtual PBX can be hosted by the service provider, or deployed in a cloud service such as Amazon Web Services. Traditionally, a phone system would be operated with an On-Premise system.  

Yes, a partner can deploy the virtual PBX within moments. Simply, download the image, which can then be hosted by the service provider or within public cloud.

Virtual Edition works with VMWare, Hyper-V and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Depending on the end-users requirements and organisational needs, Virtual Edition can be very cost-effective. Similarly, to our On-Premise solutions, it is a CAPEX solution that requires an upfront cost. In addition, it is easy for end-users to add new users, without the need for new physical systems.

Virtual Edition can be purchased with two options which is the ‘single licence’ and ‘promotional bundle‘, and only requires an annual software assurance fee.

Being virtual, there are lower maintenance costs than an On-Premise solution and no additional hardware requirements.

What did St. Modwen say about IPCortex?

Key to everything, however, is that we’ve now got a system that really allows us to add value – both through improved service levels and in that we offer all of the functionality to all customers. All of our tenants are completely different, with different requirements, and yet we still have a solution to suit all of them. We can sell the whole package, not just a phone on the desk – and that’s the real beauty of it.

Andrea Bolton
Innovation Centre Manager, St. Modwen

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