Call archiving for better insights and more accountability.

Using with On-Premise Hardware and Virtual PBX image, CallStash provides an easy-to-use call archiving solution for organisations that require extensive storage capacity to manage their call recording database.

Why use CallStash on On-Premise and Virtual PBX?

Extensive Storage

Fully configurable disk size for call recording storage; enabling you to expand and control your chosen storage size.

Highly Secured System

Provides a secure system and simplifies backup. So there’s no need to separately licence an operating system (OS) for the installation environment.

Simple Call Locating

Flexible categorisation capabilities enabling you to quickly locate call recordings by using timestamps, contact numbers and tags. 

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Key Features

  • Delivered as a VM image.
  • Separate disk space for system and call recordings. 
  • Self-contained OS and application.
  • Full ownership for end-user to choose storage capacity size.
  • Organise recordings by time, contact phone number and tag.

Asked Questions

While CallStash can store call recordings up to 21 days as standard, you can configure and manage your disk space size to fit your storage requirements when using it with the On-Premise and Virtual PBX solutions. 

This option of CallStash is suitable for organisations that work in highly regulated industries such as contact centres, financial services, and healthcare.

CallStash for On-Premise solution is compatible with the Pro unit and Multi-Tenant unit. 

CallStash provides a secure system and simplifies backup. So there’s no need to separately licence an operating system (OS) for the installation environment.

CallStash includes a tagging facility that allows calls to be flexibly categorised using a workflow where users see all of their untagged calls and can apply pre-set or new tags to them.

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