More than just a phone system

Delivering all the essential voice functionalities needed at a single price point, IPCortex Voice Essentials eliminates the requirements of configuring, pricing and installing expensive add-ons and third-party extras.

IPCortex applies simplicity and flexibility into Voice Essentials making the solution ready to grow with any business and organisation, as well as upgrade to Hosted Suite when they are ready to experience the full benefits.

Why Voice Essentials?

Highly secured

Voice Essentials runs on a secure, and resilient hosting architecture to ensure maximum up time for our customers.

Easy to manage

Does not require further configuring, additional pricing, installing expensive add-ons, and third party extras.

Easy upgrade to Hosted Suite

Does not lock the user to a ‘voice-only’ solution; users can upgrade to Hosted Suite.

Ideal for Businesses and Organisations who

Are new to hosted telephony.
Operate in a smaller scale and only requires packaged minutes.
Anticipate growth to accommodate the new changes and requirements.

Quality Applications from IPCortex

With every application comes hours of research, testing and development to ensure that we meet the end-users’ requirements.

IPCortex understands the way the world communicates, and we design and deploy applications to enhance the end-user’s productivity and operational efficiency.

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Asked Questions

Voice essentials has a simple and intuitive configuration and management platform

Voice essentials is compatible with open SIP phones and mobile SIP softphones such as keevio.

Voice essential is built on the same hosting infrastructure as Hosted Suite using the same tools and technologies.

Voice essentials is designed for businesses who need simplicity and do not want to pay for extensive features that they wont use.

Of course, your customers and end users can upgrade to hosted suite at any time. Typically, organisations upgrade because they require more telephony features and functionality

What did Stroke Association say about IPCortex?

Keevio has hugely improved our people ability to communicate with each other and we’ve ben offered this at a considerable cost saving. We have several hundred users who use the softphone over the internet which allows them to use the phone system at anytime and anywhere with ease.

Paul Liversidge
Head of IT, Stroke Association

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