Reliable communication and collaboration tool for flexible working.

keevio enables users to enjoy effortless multimedia conversations and conferences with colleagues and customers alike, with no special software required other than a compatible web browser. The add-on provides the universal reach you would expect from a phone system whether customers are using hosted, virtual or hardware solution. keevio is also included for use with all IPCortex PBX systems.

With IPCortex keevio, your phone systems continue to operate, regardless of whether your staff are in the office or working remotely, saving travel time and transport costs and reducing the need to wait for a scheduled meeting to make decisions.

Why use keevio?

Rapid deployment

Set up new customers within hours. Single or fully divisioned multi tenant variants allow you to choose how you deliver the service to each customer.


Openly compatible with a wide range of handsets and other devices for optimum choice to suit you and your customers.

Easy to manage

Intuitive web-based configuration model delivers rapid roll out, and streamlined upgrade process ensures minimal ongoing management overheads.

Remote Working

Reduce reliance on handsets to save costs and make it easier to work on the move.

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Key Features

keevio enables users to tackle their communications needs with various key features. Get in touch today to view the full list.

  • Keevio phone
  • Keevio share
  • Chat
  • Contact Cards
  • Call Management
  • Call Monitoring

Asked Questions

Voice, video, screen sharing and file sharing is all available with keevio.

Effective for remote working – reduce reliance on handsets to save costs and make it easier to work on the move.

Yes, whether your customer has an On-Premise system, Virtual Image or Hosted Suite, they will be able to take advantage of this application.

keevio works within the browser so no software installation is required.

Keevio extends sophisticated Unified Communications and multimedia functionality to the web browser, so you can contact anyone, on any device, from anywhere. Use can enjoy effortless multimedia conversations, collaboration and conferencing with colleagues and customers alike – no special software required. 

Utilise applications with IPCortex solutions

We aim to make every interaction more efficient and effective through communication. We enable end-users to work smarter together by having the platform and tools needed to communicate and collaborate with the right people, at the right time and in the right way.


Deploy a reliable local hardware or virtual systems and have the added benefit of cloud-oriented features like keevio, our web based phone that you can use anywhere at anytime.

Virtual Edition

Enable full flexibility and greater efficiency to businesses through our VoIP PBX designed to operate in a virtual environment. End-users can deploy on various virtual platforms with the capability of scaling their solutions to fit their requirements.

Hosted Solutions

Delivers powerful, feature rich communications capability, whether the requirement is for voice telephony or for a fully unified and integrated communications solution.

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