Effortless communication. Seamlessly connected. More resilient than ever.

Make the most out of the newly improved and resilient mobile client app keevio mobile, now in version 2.0.

Stay connected with your colleagues, customers, and suppliers with the keevio mobile app for iOS and Android. Working alongside your IPCortex PBX to deliver seamless HD voice conversations, meaning you never have to miss a call whether you are on the road or away from your desk.

Enjoy more productivity gained from the app’s new additional features developed to help tackle all your day-to-day requirements.

What is new?

Broad feature set

Additional features are added to enhance users' productivity when using the app.

Ease of deployment

Now upgraded with bug fixes and stronger performance for a better user experience and less need of support.

Cost effective solution

A simplified ordering process and billed based on a number of installations.

White label Product

Brand the app as your product to provide reliability for your customers.

Why keevio mobile?

Handle calls with ease

With keevio mobile, calls can be dealt with an efficient and effective manner with integrated native call functions. Receiving a call whilst on the phone? Deal with the hold and resume feature.

HD calls for optimum clarity

keevio mobile provides end users with HD voice quality; which allows for greater clarity and effective communication. Additionally calls can seamlessly transition between mobile and WiFi networks, allowing for greater connectivity.

Effective collaboration

Calling colleagues, customers and other important stakeholders is a necessity for many businesses. keevio mobile allows end users to manage multiple calls efficiently. In addition, end users can dial into conference calls, ensuring that they never miss key meetings.


Having contacts spread across multiple systems and devices can make being productive extremely difficult. keevio mobile allows you to access all your company contacts directly within the app while also being able to instantly dial any other numbers accessible on the device.

Ipcortex Applications Keevio Mobile 2022

Key Features

keevio enables users to tackle their communications needs with various key features. Get in touch today to view the full list.

  • Call waiting
  • Call transfer
  • Roaming
  • Conference calls
  • Call history
  • Phone contacts
  • PABX contacts
  • Native Call Functions
  • Handle multiple calls
  • Hold and resume
  • Easy provisioning with QR code
  • No need for license pre-purchase
  • Billing is based on the number of installs
  • Ability to white label the app

Asked Questions

The user does not need to pay to install the app. Simply, download via the app store or Google Play Store.

With keevio mobile calls can transition between wifi and mobile network seamlessly.

Being linked to the internal network, users can access their company contacts.

keevio mobile working alongside the IPCortex PBX to deliver seamless HD voice conversations, meaning users never have to miss a call whether they are on the road, working from home or away from the desk.

keevio mobile has a number of features which make it a great choice for business and organisations who operate a flexible working practise. Additional features include dialing into conference calls, integrated native call functions, call waiting, call transfering, hold and resume, plus many more.

Utilise applications with IPCortex solutions

We aim to make every interaction more efficient and effective through communication. We enable end-users to work smarter together by having the platform and tools needed to communicate and collaborate with the right people, at the right time and in the right way.


Deploy a reliable local hardware or virtual systems and have the added benefit of cloud-oriented features like keevio, our web based phone that you can use anywhere at anytime.

Virtual Edition

Enable full flexibility and greater efficiency to businesses through our VoIP PBX designed to operate in a virtual environment. End-users can deploy on various virtual platforms with the capability of scaling their solutions to fit their requirements.

Hosted Solutions

Delivers powerful, feature rich communications capability, whether the requirement is for voice telephony or for a fully unified and integrated communications solution.

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