The workflow-friendly comms platform that helps you to work smarter, not harder

Our real time communication and collaboration solutions help companies of all sizes to deliver extraordinary customer service and to maximise the value of working together.

IPCortex can be delivered locally or via the cloud, on hardware or virtually, as OPEX or CAPEX. As the underlying system is the same for all of these it is possible to migrate between platforms whilst maintaining a consistent user experience. This provides you with technical and commercial flexibility as your requirements change.

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Deploy a reliable local hardware or virtual systems and have the added benefit of cloud-oriented features like keevio, our web based phone that you can use anywhere at anytime.

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Virtual Edition

Enable full flexibility and greater efficiency to businesses through our VoIP PBX designed to operate in a virtual environment. End-users can deploy on various virtual platforms with the capability of scaling their solutions to fit their requirements.

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Hosted Solutions

Delivers powerful, feature rich communications capability, whether the requirement is for voice telephony or for a fully unified and integrated communications solution.

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Row5 Service Provder Platform

Service Provider Platform

Combine the reliability and security of your data centre with the innovative software of IPCortex to deliver end users with a quality user experience. Together, we can provide end users with the power to get things done.

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Quality Applications from IPCortex

With every application comes hours of research, testing and development to ensure that we meet the end-users’ requirements.

IPCortex understands the way the world communicates, and we design and deploy applications to enhance the end-user’s productivity and operational efficiency.

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