Report the critical KPI’s to achieve better results

With a unique set of reporting capabilities, IPCortex’s Reporting Tool enables a limitless set of organised information that ensures the resulting reports to reflect the specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) being used within an organisation.

Why Reporting?

Acquire relevant data

Filters and tags can help reduce the amount of irrelevant data in a report and mark subsets of information into groups for simpler analysis. Enhance the viewing experience with a rage of graph and charting options available.


Automatic Scheduling

Program the reporting schedule daily, weekly or monthly. Once the report is created it can be shared automatically.

Share reports

Set the report to private or available for viewing and editing. To share online, a link can be generated and the report will be presented as standard html web pages.

Custom Data Download

Download the report’s associated dataset at the click of a button. The downloaded dataset comes in a CSV format and can be imported into other applications for further usage.

Asked Questions

The IPCortex Reporting Tool adds a powerful and flexible set of reporting capability to any Hosted Suite installation and can be enabled for any client by the IPCortex partner.

Rather than providing a limited set of “off the shelf” generic reports, the tool uses the concepts of filters and tags, along with variable time periods to enable an almost limitless set of reports to be created and shared.

Users may wish to tag specific subsets of data to enable then to be analysed and/or displayed together. Tags and filters include: 

  • Source – where the call originated from e.g. internal or external, down to a specific number or set of numbers
  • Destination – the called number 
  • Call Status – the status of a call at the time of the report 
  • Answered on Device – enabling you to, for example, group devices together allocated to the same person or team 
  • Ring Duration – the time taken before a call is answered 
  • Call Duration – the length of the call 
  • Time of Day – when the call was received or made 

Reports can be kept private to a single user or can be made available for viewing and editing to any logged in user of the system within the same organisation. Additionally a link can be generated to any saved report enabling the link to be shared and a read-only version of the report to be viewed online.

Reports can be scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly covering any particular prior time period. Once created these reports can then be automatically shared.

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