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IPCortex Hosted Suite is a communication platform solution that provides full PBX functionalities for businesses in a hosted package and builds in new features to improve communication and collaboration.

Why Hosted Suite?

Joined Up Business

Our platform makes it easy to communicate with and share information and ideas with colleagues, using applications such as our web-based UC tool keevio.

Exceptional Service

Whether operating a contact centre or simply offering fantastic customer service, Hosted Suite gives the required tools needed to create a consistently excellent customer service experience.

Easy upgrade to Hosted Suite

The process of Hosted Suite is simple from beginning to end; it requires minimal management, easy to use and purchase, and includes all features as standard without being locked into any contracts.

Prepared for the future

IPCortex’s Hosted Suite is a flexible service that grows and evolves with along with you. Our commitment to innovation means that new features, and new opportunities to improve the way you work are never far away.

Ideal for Businesses and Organisations who

Require flexibility in working and operating remotely.
Require high levels of resiliency for their data protection.
Require an evolving solution for future communication integrations.
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Key Features

Take full advantage of what Hosted Suite has to offer.
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  • Every feature included as standard for every user.
  • Single view collaboration, remote working and softphone application.
  • All conversations to the platform are encrypted - voice, video and chat.
  • Proactive fraud protection strategy engineered in to the platform.
  • Best in class resiliency - triple redundancy for every component and multiple high availability pairs for the platform across two datacentres.
  • Easy to migrate to hardware/ virtual/ CAPEX model if requirements change.
  • Contextual communications opportunity - make communication task-based and data-led using our API.

Quality Applications from IPCortex

With every application comes hours of research, testing and development to ensure that we meet the end-users’ requirements.

IPCortex understands the way the world communicates, and we design and deploy applications to enhance the end-user’s productivity and operational efficiency.

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Asked Questions

Hosted Suite is a cost effective OPEX solution, whereas, physical On-Premise solutions are a CAPEX solution which require significant upfront costs. With Hosted Suite if you’re customers’ needs change rapidly, there this solution is right for them.

Zero complexity – our solutions require minimal management and are very easy to use, with intuitive web-based configuration. It’s simple for partners to buy, too – we include all features as standard, and we don’t lock our partners into any contracts.

Whether your customer needs to be fluid and dynamic for flexible working or if your customer sees high turnover or increase in staff, Hosted Suite works for them.

Our rigorous approach to provisioning security keeps your handset setup safe, with encryption for text, voice and video chat all engineered in to the system.

Hosted Suite’s resilient service architecture means it is a solution you can trust. Together with our emphasis on fraud prevention rather than detection, you’ll be joining the thousands of customers that already rely on IPCortex every day.

What did Abingdon and Witney College say about IPCortex?

We have the freedom to use any open SIP handset, reducing our costs and protecting our investment for the future, and the system was still less than half the price of any of the serious alternatives. It’s so easy to use too – all of the team have picked it up really fast.

Lee Reszeter
Head of IT Services
Abingdon and Witney College

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