Adapt your offering for maximum competitiveness by integrating with IPCortex.

Integrating Microsoft Teams with IPCortex allows you to communicate with whoever, whenever and however they want, providing the foundation for greater collaboration. With a range of innovative features available, you are empowered to sell into more opportunities and increase the average spend per user.

Why integrate Teams?

Unified Experience

Manage all call flows from your PBX once extensions are configured on Microsoft 365, allowing for a truly unified experience. Chat. Collaborate. Communicate efficiently.

Enhanced Communication

With IPCortex and Teams together it allows for internal and external phone calls through Teams, resulting in increased user productivity.

True Flexibility

Go the extra mile for customers and exceed expectations by integrating various features and products into any solution, from Hosted, Service Platform Provider, Virtual or On-Premise.

Increase customer loyalty

Once they are integrated with Teams, IPCortex partners can overlay additional services that further increase your customers’ loyalty.

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Key Features

  • Manage all call flows from your PBX
  • Make outbound calls and receive inbound calls
  • Flexible communication through desktop and mobile
  • Familiar, native Teams calling interface for all your calls
  • Keep existing phone services with all features

Asked Questions

Yes, whether your customer has an On-Premise system, Virtual Image or Hosted Suite, they will be able to take advantage of this application.

Users will require an Microsoft 365 licence. Users should speak to their communications provider regarding Microsoft 365.

Users will be able to call out to suppliers, customers and other stakeholders via Teams.

With an Office 365 licence and an IPCortex PBX set up correctly, deploying the Teams telephony integration is quick to configure and launch.

Manage all call flows from your PBX through Teams once extensions are configured on Office 365, allowing for a truly unified experience.

Utilise applications with IPCortex solutions

We aim to make every interaction more efficient and effective through communication. We enable end-users to work smarter together by having the platform and tools needed to communicate and collaborate with the right people, at the right time and in the right way.


Deploy a reliable local hardware or virtual systems and have the added benefit of cloud-oriented features like keevio, our web based phone that you can use anywhere at anytime.

Virtual Edition

Enable full flexibility and greater efficiency to businesses through our VoIP PBX designed to operate in a virtual environment. End-users can deploy on various virtual platforms with the capability of scaling their solutions to fit their requirements.

Hosted Solutions

Delivers powerful, feature rich communications capability, whether the requirement is for voice telephony or for a fully unified and integrated communications solution.

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