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IPCortex provides room to grow for life insurance rising star

The Challenge

Rapid recruitment and ever-more sophisticated requirements

Netbasic were increasingly aware that their existing phone system was becoming a problem. Recruitment to support their rapid growth had meant that its capacity was being pushed to the limit and costly upgrades were on the horizon. The creation of the new brokerage division’s telesales function was placing new demands on the company’s comms provision, seeking greater control and more sophisticated features than the current system could offer.

Lengthy adds, moves, changes and problem resolution

Making changes to or resolving problems with the system was often drawn out and costly, owing to the fact that their telecoms hardware supply, support and connectivity were being provided by a range of different suppliers. With these issues in mind, and acknowledging that communicating with professionalism and efficiency was a core part of their business, it was clear to Netbasic that they would need to find a solution. Deeming the phone system to be a mission critical application, the first priority was to identify a platform that would be highly reliable as well as easy to deploy and manage. It had to be a comprehensive and integrated solution that would reduce the amount of time the systems manager would spend resolving problems or effecting changes.

Compliance with FSA regulations

As an FSA-regulated company, Netbasic were also required to find a solution that would help them to meet those legal obligations while at the same time meeting the  functionality demands of their sophisticated telesales department, as well as those of other users. Finally, it had to offer scope for the company to continue their rate of growth, eliminating the expense and worry associated with outgrowing their phone system once more.

The Solution

With reliability featuring high on the agenda, Netbasic opted for a pair of identical systems running in a high availability configuration. Furthermore, it meant that a fast and faultless install was a must. This was carried out by NewNet’s skilled engineers over the course of a weekend, and with users requiring little to no training, disruption to the workforce was minimal.

The Value

A cost effective solution to support their growth

First and foremost, Netbasic now have a sophisticated system on which to base their future expension. Inherently scalable, it is free from artificial restrictions – allowing Netbasic to add users with no licences, bolt-ons or upgrades required. With a headcount that increased dramatically over the course of a year, this has proven critical in reducing costs and will remain so as their growth is projected to continue. The ease of adding users and zero touch auto provisioning for handsets has also been important, making it quick and easy for Netbasic’s systems manager to action to new user requests.

Reduced support and management overhead

The reliability and simplicity of the system has resulted in fewer support calls from users, and in turn from Netbasic to their reseller. As the headcount grows, requests for moves and changes are more commonplace but these are carried out by NewNet remotely, keeping cost and response times low.

A lean, productive call centre

The functionality offered by the system has provided a cost effective way for the business to refine their processes, and for users to increase their productivity. This poses greatest significance within the telesales division, who use colleague presence functionality to aid collaboration and cooperation when passing calls through the qualification and confirmation process. With this functionality included as standard, the ipcortex system offered a major saving of up front and ongoing costs when compared to alternative systems offering similar features.

Open standards to support true freedom of choice

As the system is based on open standards, it allows Netbasic to choose the right end points to suit each end user’s personal preference and job requirements. With a wide choice of soft and hard phones, they can choose the right device to suit functionality and budgetary requirements both now and in the future, as they grow and requirements may change.

Consolidated billing and support

Finally, by turning to NewNet both for the system and the connectivity, Netbasic have managed to consolidate their support and billing – providing accountability and a one stop shop for problem resolution.

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