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Housing Proactive makes a huge increase in contact for 1,000s of people a reality

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Project overview

  • Housing Proactive makes it easier for Housing Associations to maintain contact with older residents.
  • Requirement for absolute reliability and integration makes IPCortex perfect fit.
  • Housing Proactive’s system can determine when the cognitive state, memory or other needs of an individual are changing – helping to improve service and safety.
  • The IPCortex telephony integration has reduced call handling time, increased accuracy and allowed operatives to authenticate callers with ease.

What is the solution?

At the heart of Housing Proactive is the OkEachDay button which is pressed by residents on a daily basis to signify that everything is okay at their property, that there are no repairs to report and that essentially everything is “OK” at that location.

If the OkEachDay button isn’t pressed before a time which is agreed with the resident, for example 9am, then a friendly phone call is made to the resident. As residents can press the OkEachDay button in their own time this gives them freedom to get on with their day and control over contact levels. Customers can call in advance if they have holidays or hospital visits scheduled or will be unavailable for any other reason.

How has ipcortex helped?

An intelligent contact centre

ipcortex is the telephony engine behind Housing Proactive’s 24×7 contact centre, which has been tightly integrated with Housing Proactive’s own purpose built in-house software via the ipcortex API (application programming interface). When a call is received, Housing Proactive’s system automatically loads up the relevant customer record to help authenticate the call and deal with customer service requests faster.

A proactive approach to contact

One benefit of the ipcortex system is that it provides real time data about callers to Housing Proactive’s own platform which can be used to help determine when the cognitive state, memory or other needs of an individual are changing. At the point of an inbound call, details of the caller can be profiled against previous trends to create, on the fly, a predictive assessment about various needs of the caller before the call is even answered. The technology that Housing Proactive uses to do this is unique to them and called ContactSense™.

Additionally, Housing Proactive’s own system is predictive, using the knowledge of the inbound caller to present one of its operators with the information most likely to be relevant to the call; for example by loading up the holiday and away input screen by default in the days running up to Christmas time.

What are the benefits?

To housing providers

Housing providers use Housing Proactive to ensure that contact is being made available to all residents 365 days a year and in such a way that residents are happy to engage with it.

In addition to confirming that everything is okay at resident’s properties, Housing Proactive enables housing providers to improve resident engagement with events and keep them better informed using message broadcasting features within Housing Proactive.

Just as importantly, Housing Proactive generates information that can be used to better focus the housing provider’s own staff time and help them run a more efficient service.

“Everyday thousands of people rely on Housing Proactive and the OkEachDay button to improve lives. Housing Proactive are part of an innovative technology company who absolutely trust ipcortex to deliver the best contact centre telephony.” – James Batchelor, Founder, Housing Proactive.

Good telephony is good business

Housing Proactive have been able to use ipcortex telephony to enhance their existing systems as well as identify new opportunities as they continue to improve their service to customers.

The ipcortex telephony integration has reduced call handling time, increased accuracy and allowed operatives to authenticate callers with ease – all of which critical elements in ensuring their service runs well.

Additionally, integration has made it easy to greet callers in the friendly, personal and attentive manner that Housing Proactive have gained an excellent reputation for.

“The clever ipcortex API has made it easy for us to automate critical processes, whilst also taking our customer service to another level.”

Unparalleled control

The level of control that the ipcortex solution provides means that Housing Proactive can adapt quickly to the changing needs of its business. With the ipcortex system it’s easy to provision new operators, manage their telephony requirements and further evolve the call handling capabilities of the company.

“ipcortex have given us unparalleled control over how we integrate telephony with our own web based applications. It means that we can have the solution we want and our customers need. That’s why using ipcortex makes sense.”

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