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“The Only Way is.. IPCortex” - Flexibility and Technical Excellence at Evolutions TV

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Launched following a management buyout from ITN in 1994, and with show credits such as “The Only Way is Essex”, “DIY SoS” and “Countryfile” among a huge portfolio, Evolutions is one of the largest independent full service TV post production companies in the UK. With a focus on quality of service, technical excellence and flexibility, Evolutions ensure that clients have the best equipment at their disposal, operating on the latest technical infrastructure.

Their success and rapid expansion also mean that they now operate from multiple locations in both London and Bristol.

Legacy VOIP not Meeting the Required Levels of Service

Following a period of growth and expansion, including several acquisitions, the technology across the Evolutions’ business grew organically rather than moving through a clearly defined path. This expansion resulted in a move to a new Bristol office – a new build production facility that Evolutions designed and built from the ground up in terms of machine rooms, audio and edit suites and production spaces, with the latest technology installed across the board. It was also initially isolated from the existing Evolutions London network, so it was therefore necessary to investigate alternative phone systems.

Aastra was inherited as a legacy VoIP system in the London offices, which presented several challenges and could not maintain the level of technical excellence or flexibility which they required. Kevin McGrory, Head of IT at Evolutions, explains: “We reached the point where we couldn’t resolve issues with our old system, no new parts or hardware were available, and it was no longer supported. At this point, we were forced to look for a new provider.”

With IPCortex, we have a system that is both intuitive, and incredibly cost effective.

Kevin McGrory
Head of IT
IT Evolutions

The IPCortex Solution

After evaluating several options, Evolutions decided on IPCortex, bought through reseller partner Westcom. Mr McGrory continues; “the decision to move to a more modern system like IPCortex was a simple one. We looked at a few systems but there are very few with the flexibility to give us physical control, rather than purely a virtual PBX. With IPCortex we have the best of both worlds, and a system that is both intuitive and incredibly cost effective”.

Installation and configuration proved to be a straightforward process. “The IPCortex system fitted perfectly with the infrastructure in our new Bristol premises, where the initial roll-out took place”, he continues. The simplicity of configuration of the IPCortex platform also delivered major benefits for Evolutions, both at setup and on an on-going basis “Due to manpower and familiarity with the system, we initially partnered with Westcom to install over a single weekend. They were able to pre-configure the system for us, including extensions, schematics etc. With a couple of days training following the installation, the system was up and running”.

Simplicity, Flexibility and Technical Excellence

Evolutions are now successfully served by two IPCortex hardware PBXs, with around 100 end points on the system. Three years after installing IPCortex in the Bristol offices, they expanded once again in London, opening a new facility on Berwick street. It was at this point that Evolutions decided the Aastra system was no longer viable and chose the IPCortex system as its successor for our London offices. The decision to choose IPCortex was helped by its success in the Bristol offices, with the IT team this time able to complete the pre-configuration and installation themselves. There are now 2 or 3 phones in each of the editing suites, which are hired out to clients, who in turn expect the highest level of working technology in each suite.

“What I like most about the system is the ease of management”, says Mr McGrory. “We manage the entire system in house. I am able to leave it to run intuitively for months at a time, go back to it when required and make changes easily. Not only that, the IPCortex solution is also excellent value. By comparison, the next generation equivalent system would be three times more expensive”.

To find out how IPCortex can deliver the simplicity, flexibility and technical excellence that you require, get in touch. To download this case study as a pdf, click here.