Sunset and Vine

International media production group Sunset+Vine chooses IPCortex VoIP solution for UK-wide communications across three sites

The requirement

Sunset+Vine had been using a five year old phone system to support three of its companies within the main head office at Elsinore House in Hammersmith. Changing and expanding over time, they began to find that the existing system was becoming dated, difficult to manage and didn't deliver the functionality they now required.

The solution

The new solution has 278 extensions spread across three sites. At Elsinore House, it supports Sunset+Vine’s head office and post production facilities, plus Mentorn Media. Then in Glasgow, it also supports Sunset+Vine Scotland, Mentorn Glasgow and Sunset+Vine Global Television - the company that is working on the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Finally, the system also includes a number of extensions at Pioneer Productions which is based at Voyager House, also in Hammersmith. Switching from the old handsets to the new ones took five staff fewer than three hours.

The value

Simple day to day management

The IT team were trained on how to manage and maintain the new VoIPCortex Pro IP PBX, meaning that day to day management of moves, adds and changes could all be administered in house with just a few clicks.

Valuable management information

The VoIPCortex Pro IP PBX includes its own built in call logging, billing and reporting functionality and this is something which Sunset+Vine has found particularly useful. The IT Manager can now run a number of different reports - for example to see how many calls each department and each company is using, who is making the most calls, which departments are costing the company the most money and so on. It also helps with recharging costs to different parts of the business

Customer service benefits

One of the key benefits for customers has been the new in-built audio conferencing functionality. Previously, they had to use an external company, whereas now there is a standard number which everyone, both internally and externally, can use. Another useful benefit is the voicemail to email feature, which enables customers to receive a faster response to messages.

Project overview and benefits

  • 250+ extension solution for all group companies
  • Supports five companies over three UK sites
  • Easy in-house management of adds, moves and changes
  • Full audio conferencing and call recording capability
  • In-built call management and reporting
  • Voicemail to email functionality

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