Meet keevio mobile version 2.0

Posted 22 Jul 2022

We’ve taken another step to seamless communication with the newly improved and resilient mobile client app keevio mobile, now in version 2.0.

Make calls from anywhere at any time, your customers will stay connected and never miss a call, whether they are on the go or in the office. The new version 2.0 is built around an industry-leading softphone platform upon the original version, maintaining its key functionality.

Comparing the previous version to the latest version, there are certain key differences for resellers in licensing and provisioning, here we show you the key differences below.

1. Licensing

Fundamentally, licensing is still on a per-user basis, but the way in which our partners provision and activate the app on end-user devices has been simplified and made more efficient, both for you and for us.

Ipc Product Launch Keevio Mobile Blog Tables 01 3

The cost per user remains the same as previously, but the process to set the users up is much simpler and more efficient for everyone involved.

The PBX software will need to be at version 6.5.24 or later to support the new app.

2. Provisioning

We have also adjusted the provisioning model for version 2.0.

Ipc Product Launch Keevio Mobile Blog Tables 02 2

The diagram below explains the provisioning process.

Ipc Product Launch Keevio Mobile V.2.0 Blog Infographic 01

PBX admin

  1. keevio mobile device configured on PBX reseller admin.
  2. Admin user requests QR code.
  3. PBX calls to central server.
  4. Central server sends QR code.
  5. PBX admin copies QR code and sends to end-user.


  1. keevio mobile downloaded to device from app store.
  2. User receives QR code from admin.
  3. App scans QR code.
  4. App gets provisioned.

Explore the new keevio mobile v.2.0 today, or get in touch with us directly for more information.