IPCortex’s Teams telephony integration provides channel with ultimate flexibility

Posted 23 Apr 2021

MS Teams integration delivered through IPCortex delivers enterprise-grade voice functionality with automatic failover to the IPCortex PBX, giving you built-in business continuity. IPCortex Teams integration delivers a single UC experience accessed through the familiar Microsoft Teams environment, it also provides access to a number of key features such as call queuing, IVR and call reporting; which are not available via a direct routing option.

The integration onto the MS Teams platform is easy to deploy, scalable, future-proofed and maintenance-free, it is also a cost-effective subscription-based commercial model which makes it easier to sell for channel partners.

There is significant demand for Teams around the world.

With the exponential rise of Microsoft Teams, with the number of daily active users increasing from 32 million in November 2019 to more than 75 million at the end of April 20201. Furthermore, it is estimated that over 500,000 business around the world uses Microsoft Teams for workspace collaboration2 with approximately 10% of those businesses being in the UK, this demonstrates the significant reach Teams have within companies all over the world. 

IPCortex aims to deliver a truly flexible integration offering to the channel.

Flexible, mobile and collaborative working is now the norm. However, this new openness creates challenges for businesses. Delivering always-on, first-class customer experiences while driving productivity through effective collaboration across teams – wherever people are, whenever they need to communicate and whatever their preferred devices – requires the right tools and environment, IPCortex Microsoft Teams integration provides the channel with ultimate flexibility.

The pressure on companies to implement more flexible working has been heightened by the Covid-19 pandemic, with forecasts stating that around 72% of workers expect to be working remotely by 20223 and with another source suggesting that 3 out of 5 people4 would like to work from home more frequently than they did before going into lockdown. With that in mind, many businesses are now busy planning and therefore adopting new ways of working.

The ability to be more flexible allows businesses to work from any location, which will give greater access to a wider pool of customers, potential to recruit talented new members of the team, improve customer engagement, reduce office space and thus reduce operating costs, increase staff motivation, develop greater creativity and productivity whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Quote from Glyn Thomas, Managing Director

“When developing the integration our focus was to provide partners with greater flexibility and the most amount of value possible. By launching an integration rather than going down the direct routing avenue this allows us to offer our partners the ability to utilise all PBX features as standard, enabling an even greater value proposition for their customers.”


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