IPCortex creates a new partner experience with an improved website and eCommerce-enabled portal

Posted 12 Jul 2021

After countless months of planning and developing behind the scenes, we are excited to finally reveal our brand new virtual home. 

These days, forward thinking solution providers strive to offer their customers more. Providing one-size fits all just isn’t enough. 

At IPCortex we strive to transform the way businesses communicate, and that starts with our partner channel. As the first step of our sales enablement overhaul that will better equip our partners to excel in a much-changed business landscape, we’ve relaunched our website and partner portal, with powerful capabilities to empower our channel partners. 

Last year, we took a step back and thought, ‘how can we help our partners to add even more value to their customers?’ Afterall, the best interests of our partners and their customers are at the heart of every business decision we take. 

This led us on a journey which involved extensive user research, refining the partner experience, and rebuilding core capabilities from scratch, leading us to our refreshed website and portal design. 

Billy Mahoney, Marketing Manager at IPCortex elaborates on our website improvements: “We restructured our website to ensure that our partners can find the information they need within no more than a few clicks. Our clearer, hierarchical website navigation helps you find what you want, instantly. This is a significant step forward for our channel partner experience. But we’re not staying still. This is one of the first of many steps in our partner experience roadmap.” 

Meanwhile, we’ve completely rebuilt the partner portal, with eCommerce capabilities as well as a range of new functionalities. The new portal will help partners: 

  • Navigate to the right product to meet their customers’ specific requirements 
  • Find more in-depth product information 
  • Explore new and upcoming products 
  • Order products with ease 

Our ambition is to empower our channel partners and to add as much value to their customers as possible. And we know that projects are often time sensitive. So, we’ve made it much easier to generate quotations and order products. 

“As a channel-focused business, our core guiding values centre on simplicity, flexibility and reliability, and the new website and portal demonstrates how seriously we take that. In an always-on and increasingly digital economy, the ability to serve our partners with the information and eCommerce platform they need to succeed, day or night, is paramount to us,” – Guy Tipton, Managing Director at IPCortex. 

The new ordering process is seamless and intuitive, and partners can easily view their previous purchases as well as the status of their pending orders. 

Take a few moments to explore the new website and, if you’re already a partner, you can discover the new portal now. Whether you need some guidance around the new portal, or if you’d like to find out how IPCortex can help you better serve your customers, schedule a call with us today.