Digital Transformation: Why saving money now will cost you money later

Posted 13 May 2021

Over the last few years there has been a concerted effort to get businesses on the road to “digital”, allowing them to create operational change to boost productivity and efficiency. A major part of that “digital transformation” journey is shifting legacy, often on-premise IT systems and services, to the cloud in either complete ‘as-a-service’ solutions or virtualised on cloud platforms such as Amazon’s AWS or Google cloud, to drive more flexible, efficient and integrated business processes.

Communications are critical in successful Digital Transformation 

Communications are rapidly shifting from being considered an adjunct to the business strategy, to becoming integrated into key business processes. The reality of this shift when it comes communications therefore is never going to be as simple as plug and play. It will always be more complex than setting up a user and logging into web based admin portal. Yet this is often what is sold by many suppliers who continue to focus on the cheapest “per seat” price, attempting always to undercut the marketplace.

Do not trade short term for long term gains 

End users are, of course, rightly attracted to alleged cost savings, but few understand – or are informed – that the key fundamental to this saving is the removal of the professional service wrap. The biggest challenge for companies therefore considering their digital transformation journey is to find a partner or supplier that can provide professionals who can properly advise on the best strategy, rather than simply focus on quick fixes, siloed features and cost cutting. Professionals are needed to configure and set up the infrastructure and services in line with business objectives, growth, processes and the broader digital transformation strategy. Real integration of communications across platforms provides users with control over information flow, unlocks better customer interactions, increased productivity – and TRUE – cost savings.

Choose your partner(s) wisely

Embracing the operational changes that the digital journey can provide is where the long lasting enhancements to a business will be achieved and long term cost saving can be realised. During the last few years resellers across the spectrum have complained about reducing margins as “hosted” drives cost savings as suppliers race to the bottom line on pricing. The good ones are taking the time to focus on the professional within the service. And the clients experiencing the success are those taking the time to realise they need the professional in the service. 

As US business magnate, Warren Buffett says; “honesty is a very expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people.” 

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