CallStash Call Archiving

Posted 13 May 2021

CallStash is an IPCortex service providing secure, long-term archiving, categorisation and retrieval of business-critical call recordings. IPCortex PBX, Virtual Edition and Hosted systems have always included built in call recording features which store up to 21 days of call recordings. This will be found on the base appliance where they can be retrieved by individual users or system administrators based on date/time of recording. Whilst this is adequate for many short term and ad-hoc recording requirements, it doesn’t provide for long term storage or easy discovery and categorisation of call recordings. CallStash works in conjunction with and extends the built in call recording capability of the platform, by placing recordings that have been made on our Hosted Suite into a separate long-term archive. 


Designed around the need of businesses for whom long-term storage and assured easy access to call recordings is imperative, CallStash provides: 

  • Secure storage of all calls in long term storage away from the PBX instance on which they are recorded. 
  • A tagging facility to allow calls to be categorised flexibly. 
  • Support for a categorised workflow, allowing users to see all of their untagged calls and apply pre-set or new tags to them. 
  • Flexible and rapid searching by time, contact phone number, and tag. 
  • Calls recordings held for one year. 


CallStash is a service which is available as part of the IPCortex Hosted Suite platform. It is available on any full Hosted Suite company and, once enabled, will allow all users in the company to whom the administrator provides a login to view, tag and download their own call recordings. It will also allow company administrators to access all company recordings. 

Simple Pricing, No Storage Costs 

Like all IPCortex products, CallStash radically simplifies quoting and deployment. There is one monthly cost per user, covering all users on an HS Company, with no setup or other additional storage costs. This covers all storage required by each user with a standard one year retention period. In order to make this simple pricing possible, there is a fair usage policy of up to two hours of average call recording storage per day. This is for each user on the standard service which we expect will be more than adequate for all typical deployments. If you envisage a usage scenario which substantially exceeds this, please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Partners can enable CallStash for their end users by selecting a package upgrade on their Hosted Suite Portal. This provides a “one touch” near instant deployment path for call recording archiving with no complicated additional packages, software or parameters to set up. Individual call recording policies, either company default or user specific can be set on the intuitive PBX admin interface.

Terms and Access to Data 

Similarly, as with all our Hosted Suite products, the service can be terminated at any time. 

If the company terminates their Hosted Suite service, or reduces their number of users to zero, then CallStash will terminate on the same date. 

Upon termination, no further call recordings will be added to the CallStash archive and user access will be disabled. Prior to termination, partners can request a one-time archive of all of  the end users call recording data. This will generate a small, flat-rate, one time admin fee (see partner price list). Once the archive has been downloaded, the users’ call recordings will be permanently deleted from the service.