A big thank you to our team for getting us here

Posted 01 Oct 2021

Author: Guy Tipton, Managing Director

This year we were finalists for the Mobile Industry Awards. This is a huge achievement for us and reflects the incredible work of our team – even in the most challenging circumstances. Over the past year, we’ve built real momentum, and I wanted to take this opportunity to look back at some of the biggest milestones.

We supported each other

As the pandemic hit, we quickly enabled remote and flexible working. The IPCortex team conducted a thorough review of processes and equipment, from laptops to headphones and telephones – and our managers didn’t hesitate to invest software to ensure we maintained our usual level of service.

The IPCortex team introduced an action plan to ensure retained the high level of account management and support; this included using the insights available to us to run a “Keep in Touch” campaign whereby we run webinars, sent email campaigns and created sales enablement collateral.

We stayed close to our partners

We might have been working at a distance, but we kept close to our partners. And this shows – between July 2019 and July 2020, 100% of feedback survey respondents said that the support they received was “awesome”.

Through our partner exclusive webinars – which ran throughout the pandemic – we discussed a multitude of relevant topics from new product launches and roadmap, debunking existing product myths, raising awareness of little-known tips and functionality within existing solutions, and more important about business updates on how the business was performing within the new world climate.

We adapted quickly

Precisely because we kept close to our partners, our team was acutely aware of the ways in which the market was changing. For example, we knew our partners wanted more solutions to be available through direct debit as end-users shifted from a CAPEX to an OPEX model. And so, we quickly adapted our offering.

We are looking to the future

Our Product Engineering team is continually updating the technology roadmap and bringing solutions to market that solve real-world end-user challenges. Meanwhile, we’ve redoubled our efforts in improving the partner experience. This led us to develop a new website and upgrade our partner portal, and the initial feedback has been outstanding.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the whole team at IPCortex, as well as all of our Partners for believing in what we do. Being shortlisted for the Mobile Industry Award is a big achievement and I’m sure your outstanding hard work will continue to be recognised among our industry peers. Also, a massive congratulations to all of this years’ winners, it is a well-deserved recognition.

Guy Tipton