About IPCortex

We provide software solutions that improve the way the world communicates

We provide easy to use software solutions that improve the way the world does real time person to person communication by:

  • Using our skills to implement genuinely innovative systems that add transformational value to their user communities.
  • Promoting open technical standards to allow accessible and unencumbered communication.
  • Integrating with the best vertical applications and networks in the communities we serve to generate combinational value.

Our people

The most significant asset that we have is our team. Both the “personality” of our products and the way that we interact with our customers are a reflection of our team culture. This is built around recruiting the smartest colleagues and giving them the maximum latitude to produce excellent technical and business solutions. This means that every team member is fully empowered to make a difference within their spheres of expertise - doing the things that we genuinely feel are right and align with our vision to be a long term value provider to our customers, stakeholders, and wider global society.

Our values

Just a few of the amazing reasons you should work with IPCortex

Intellectual honesty

Thinking through and believing in the things we do.


Being energised by our vision and committed to delivering on it.


Keeping our minds open to new ideas and surrounding ourselves with what inspires us.


Promoting diversity of thought and being to create a productive environment - we all contribute strongly and uniquely when we have the space to be ourselves.

Effective communication

being open and frank with each other about everything that is material.

Clarity of purpose

Focussing on what really matters and avoiding distractions.

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Clients and partners

IPCortex hardware and software solutions can be found in every industry. Here's a selection of our customers and success stories.