How IPCortex Hosted Suite counteracts the me too culture in the hosted market
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  • Posted 2018.10.04
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How IPCortex Hosted Suite counteracts the ‘me too’ culture in the hosted market

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At our recent partner event, Evolution 2018, there was a lot of discussion about the risk of a “race to the bottom” if UC providers and resellers continue to compete on price alone. In this scenario nobody wins - with  little differentiation or potential customisation in offering, confused customers and weakening reseller positions.

Many propositions are simply re-badged solutions that everyone else is offering, bundles look the same and licencing lists are complicated and fixed. Rather than join this lose-lose race, IPCortex allows resellers to differentiate their offering towards their customers and adding value.

IPCortex Hosted Suite is different. It includes a unique feature set and embedded communications modules to empower resellers to generate new revenue streams and operate higher margins. It delivers a rich and regularly improved feature set and benefits as standard, including a market-leading provisioning mechanism that ensures conversations stay secure, sophisticated fraud prevention and a fraud guarantee, collaboration anywhere with anyone via a single web application, and advanced customer engagement and contact centre tools. It also includes embedded contextual communications capabilities to open up new opportunities for frictionless communication between businesses and customers from anywhere, as well as access to an one API and free integrations with leading CRM platforms, offering yet further opportunities for resellers to differentiate and add value.

The IPCortex Hosted Suite difference

  • Put simply - Everything is “in the box”. This means resellers pay one price and get access to all the capabilities, uniquely giving them full control over how they package the product with end customers. It means they get:
    • Control of the price and can set the margin
    • Control of the feature bundle (or bundles).
    • Control over the apps and features that customers can access
  • Call recording is Inclusive for 21 days as standard
  • Inclusive our UC client for every user called Keevio, which includes:
    • Internal and external text chat in as many rooms as needed
    • Multiple room video
    • Audio
    • Screenshare
  • Control over contract length - from as little as 30 days, meaning partners have the power to customise their offer (or offers|) for different customers segments
  • Choice of 70+ handsets to integrate with
  • Connectivity choice
  • Included billing platform. If a partner doesn’t have their own billing platform, they can use IPCortex billing. It’s simple and does all the essential things needed.

As a channel only business, IPCortex will offer Hosted Suite exclusively through its  reseller network - empowering them to directly own their customer relationships, and working with them to enable clear points of differentiation. This is helping to open up new sales opportunities in a range of different markets from education and healthcare to finance, legal, retail and manufacturing industries. Hosted Suite allows resellers the flexibility to scale as needed and enable customers to work smarter, not harder. It also allows them to break away from competitive pricing wars, while increasing the average value per user and raising the average size of deployment for hosted systems - as well as simply making quality margin from customers that only want a dial tone to begin with.

As a reseller or as an end user, contact us now to find out more about the IPCortex Hosted Suite.