Join Us at TADHack London - October 13-14.
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Join Us at TADHack London - October 13-14.

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IPCortex are very proud to once again be leading TADHack London, taking place 13-14 October at IDEA London. The event forms part of the TADHack global weekend, with events taking place simultaneously across 30+ cities worldwide, making it currently the largest hackathon globally, attracting 4000 registrations in 2017.

The IPCortex association with TADHack started way back in Madrid 2014, when a team led by our CEO and Founder Rob Pickering, won the first Google prize for their project -  RTCEmergency, enhancing emergency calls with WebRTC. We followed this up in 2015 with a hack named Keevio Eye, showing real-time video over WebRTC from a drone over Bletchley Park, using a Raspberry Pi attached to it to run the WebRTC stack. IPCortex has subsequently supported each TADHack since, presiding over hacks including programmable telecoms (voice, video, messaging), internet of things, cloud computing, robotics, machine learning, speech and face recognition, mobile payments, enterprise communications, decentralized web, blockchain, encryption, open source, and many other technologies.

Rob Pickering comments, “TADHack is great. It’s the main global meeting place for developers who want to learn, share, code and create using the tools and technologies available in telecommunications. It’s a fabulous opportunity for those working in telcos to see first hand how all the cool technology and platforms are transforming services, and for those in other organisations to see how telecom technologies can improve business. It’s also a wonderfully diverse event, we’ve had some brilliant teams in the past comprising of product people, user experience people, and programmers who just met on the day and came together to produce insightful technology showcases.”

Who should attend and why?

TADHack enables you to get educated on the latest Internet, IT, and Telecoms technologies – and no coding skills are necessary to attend! Whether you are a student, web developer, IT manager, coder, graphic designer, or a product managers, it gives you the opportunity to get hands-on with experts and share best practices, plus meet a global community of innovators. It also provides you with an opportunity to get your innovative service or idea promoted and presented to the global industry as all presentations are videos and widely disseminated.

Rob and a team from IPCortex will be at TADHack London all weekend. Even if you don’t have any plans to get involved in hacks over the weekend and just want to pop in to chat and sample the pace of real-world innovation for a few hours then this is a great opportunity.


To attend, just visit If you are not able to physically attend one of the global hackathons, TADHack will be live-streamed, enabling you to compete remotely!

For more information and to register for any of this years other global events, please visit: