IPCortex Evolution 2018 - Setting a new standard in empowering the channel
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  • Posted 2018.09.28
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IPCortex Evolution 2018 - Setting a new standard in empowering the channel

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Last week, we held our first “Evolution” event, where we invited IPCortex partners and other channel players to discuss what the future holds for the communication industry and what the major commercial opportunities are for resellers in this space right now.

Communication is simple. Humans are built to do it; we’ve been doing it since we were cavemen. This is important for us - the communications industry - to remember when we’re building technology that facilitates this ease of conversation over distance. We can’t say for certain what the next transformative communication technology will be, but if we keep focused on the premise of communicating as intuitively over distance as we do face to face, we can be sure to impact the way people interact.  

For IPCortex, we’re focusing on enabling communication in context. As a business and as an industry I believe we need to deliver more of the communications we deliver directly in the context of whatever it is that we’re primarily doing. After all, that’s naturally how we’re wired to communicate. For example, we have online doctors, where communication is embedded in the Internet, or we can work on documents online with our teams. It’s just one button away from communicating. We are right at the start of the adoption curve on contextual communication and are excited to see where the industry will take it.

Crossing the Communications Chasm

At the moment, however, there is a chasm between this future technology and what the industry is selling, or indeed, what customers want today.

Customers want secure, reliable phone systems. There’s an opportunity for resellers to differentiate here and build out from that base to become a trusted partner by delivering added value within simple phone systems, such as GDPR compliance, security and the ability to then simply ‘switch on’ other, richer, features when they are ready. Resellers are in a position to help their customers move along the curve to contextual communication.

So what does this all mean today? Resellers can still differentiate and create value by selling intelligent hosted voice today. Partners that are offering secure, robust and reliable solutions that customers need today, with the ability to seamlessly migrate to more feature-rich solutions at the click of a button when they are ready, will be positioned as trusted partners and pioneers in the space.