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  • Posted 2017.09.27
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Reseller demand for hosted "stepping stone" in poor connectivity areas prompts launch of Micro PBX

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  • New solution bridges the gap between legacy and hosted communications for small businesses in remote areas
  • Simple migration strategy paves way for resellers to sell value today and tomorrow

IPCortex, the British communications software developer, today launches IPCortex Micro, a PBX optimised for the sub-15 user market to ease longer term migrations to fully hosted platforms at a future point in time. The launch of Micro PBX responds to reseller demand for a system that can provide a bridge between legacy ISDN and fully hosted communications platforms, especially where broadband connectivity may not yet be sufficient to support make full hosted provision possible. Micro will be available for resellers from October.

Small businesses operating in rural or remote areas cannot rely on broadband connectivity to be fast and reliable enough to operate a “virtual phone line” for every user to power a fully hosted communications system. IPCortex Micro reduces the connectivity burden to deliver an improved communication experience.

For resellers, Micro provides an opportunity to drive new revenue and deliver value in a market where ISDN is retiring and fast connectivity is not universal. Micro is a middle ground, and solid pragmatic choice which can easily be migrated to IPCortex market leading Hosted Suite, utilising existing handsets, softphones or the Keevio embedded web phone.

Rob Pickering, CEO at IPCortex comments; “We’d like to think that fast broadband connectivity is ubiquitous here in the UK, but unfortunately for many that is still not the case. Micro PBX is designed to be a cost effective stepping stone for customers that weren’t previously able to take advantage due to connectivity issues or being a company of smaller size. IPCortex Micro also speaks to growing demand for flexibility in deployment models. Our resellers are seeing more customers ask about migration between platforms like hardware, virtual and hosted, and IPCortex Micro means they have a solution at hand for even the smallest opportunities.”

Joe Margetts, Sales Manager at reseller IT 3000 said, “While hosted communications services are becoming more and more popular, many customers in the more rural areas simply can’t rely on connectivity to make the most of this spend. We’re seeing a lot of companies, especially those in remote areas, wanting a mid-way solution that gives them more control of their communications today, but also gives them the opportunity to simply and easily migrate when the time is right.”

With the introduction of Micro, IPCortex resellers can now offer a full suite of communications solutions to suit a range of needs, and can migrate between as businesses grow or gain functionality.