Major PBX Software Update Released
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  • Posted 2019.02.11
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Major PBX Software Update Released

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Delivers significant improvements to platform speed, security and resilience.

Today we are releasing V.6.4.0 of our core PBX software. This is a major software release for us with some significant “under the hood” architectural updates as well as slew of new features, improvements and minor fixes. Overall,  this release will provide noticeable and valuable improvements in the speed, security and resilience of our PBX platform.

New features in this release include;

  • support for Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates
  • non-callable DDI nos. for outbound Caller ID use.
  • Handset support for Snom D120 and D785, and Gigaset N870 models
  • Company isolation option includes caller-ID updates.

Improvements include;

  • Newer operating system and database engine
  • enhanced status on personal address book within keevio
  • Significant speed increase in call reporting.
  • Updated browser WebRTC compatibility library
  • TLS/SRTP support for Cisco SPA112 2 port phone adapter
  • better busy-call handling for unavailable devices.

As always with IPCortex solutions, your access to this software upgrade is free of charge via your support contract.

To get hold of the new release please contact your IPCortex partner who will be happy to help.