Keevio - A Key Component in Ensuring Business Continuity

Keevio - A Key Component in Ensuring Business Continuity

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It’s that time of year again when the winter weather can bring significant challenges to business continuity for many organisations. Adverse weather conditions can cause outages, risks to infrastructure and services, loss of connectivity and travel disruption. Key staff may be left stranded at home, on business trips or holidays, or otherwise unable to get to their workplace.  

If you’re already using IPCortex you can make your communications resilient by rolling out  Keevio - our browser-based softphone and communications endpoint to your staff.

Setting up Keevio to give remote access for your staff means they can deal with customer enquiries and other work communication tasks without having to be in the office - in fact they can be absolutely anywhere they can access a decent quality internet connection and a suitable browser.  Simply enable Keevio for the user and make a few minor adjustments to your PBX Settings (or if you’re using our hosted service this will be taken care of for you) and you are done. If you’re new to Keevio you’ll find a lot more than just a “softphone” for your telephone extension. You’ll get messaging, presence, audio and video conferencing and a whole lot more. There’s even a handy video introducing users to how to get the most out of Keevio that you can send them to view.

We know our partners are often asked about how they can maximise efficiency and flexibility for their customer’s staff - and in the event of bad weather or other transport issues, with Keevio it’s not only simple but free as part of an IPCortex solution! We suspect that once you embrace this level of flexibility in your communications platform you’ll find you can use it in all sorts of other scenarios too, enabling more flexible work styles. In fact, we’re guessing you’ll wonder how you managed without it!

For more detailed information, just refer to this handy implementation guide in our knowledge base and/or speak with your IPCortex partner who will be happy to assist you.

Why not act now, and get prepared for the next big freeze!

Keevio is just one of the business applications that IPCortex have developed to help your business, please see details about CRM Connect, Wallboard and Reporting here.